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These girls are not for sale, they are our pets and breeding females, Please visit our "Nursery" to see our available babies! 
The girls below are our "Up and Coming" 
 Future Sumora Mommy's!!!
"Rain" a sweet girl out of Shiloh and Jazz!!  
She is as quiet as a mouse and is an absolute cuddler and loves to dance around on her back legs!!
She's a rose blue just like her mommy, Shiloh!
7.5 lbs full grown. 
Rain carries Liver, Red, White/Cream, Parti colors and blue.. :-)

"Crystal" is a Gorgeous Black & White girl with an Extremely Thick and Beautiful coat!
  She has short legs and a very cobby body with a sweet and playful personality!!
Her father is 4.5 lbs and her mother is a Solid White 8 lb female. 
This sweet girl carries a lot of White in her lines along with liver and Parti colors! 
Crystal weighs 9.5 lbs!
Thank You Mary Lou:-))
Peaches is a "VERY SPECIAL" Cream Liver/Lavender sweetheart with beautiful  hazel/green eyes!! 
This little girl carries EVERY color under the rainbow and has a WONDERFUL pedigree. She is the sweetest little girl Ever!! Loves to cuddle, loves to give kisses and is just a joy! :-))
She will produce an array of colors for us in TINY sizes!!
Her lines carry Dobie, white, liver, blue and parti colors!  
6.5 lbs of love!
Thank you Dee:-))

Peaches, pictured below at 5 months old.
"Mona" is my lil' luv bug! She has a gorgeous face and produces gorgeous babies:-) Mona was born and raised right here at Sumora Shih Tzu. She has a sweet temperament just like her mommy Princess! This little cutie has the shortest legs and a very cobby body and she carries some VERY TINY lines in her pedigree! 

Mona is loved and spoiled with a close family member but will still help produce gorgeous babies for us!

Mona is the mother of our tiny boy "Mack"
"Porsha" is a GORGEOUS solid red Beauty that we held back from a Princess and Banjo breeding! She's short and cobby like a lil' toy teddy bear!! She has a very smooshie face,  adorable big eyes, a tiny lil' cobby body, gorgeous silky coat  and eyelashes galore!! She also carries a WONDERFUL pedigree and is a STUNNING girl:-))

7.5 lbs.
Introducing Sensational "Celeste"!! 
This lil' BEAUTY is a Strawberry Blonde and White Stunner!! She is out of an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL 8 lb red and white mommy and a solid white 5.5 lb STUNNING daddy! We feel very privileged to have her because her quality is SPECTACULAR and her beauty "takes our breath away"!!:-)
Thank you to  Lisa from Puppies on the Prairie and Tammy of Shih Tzu Station for this INCREDIBLE girl!! 

6 lbs 
This GORGEOUS girl is "SPARKLE"!!!
What a dream to have a face like hers:-))
 Sparkle is a little white ball of LOVE!! She's sweet and playful!!
Thank you Tammy Dekel and Holly Price for this little sweetheart 
Another Beauty for our handsome boys:-))
We are so excited to have her!  
Look for "SPARKLE" babies in 2018!
6 lbs.

This beautiful girl is *Chanel* she is a twin of her gorgeous mommy, Celeste and our tiny boy, Wonder! She has a wonderful, sweet and playful personality and has a perfect little nose, beautiful eyes and gorgeous coat.
 She is tracking to weigh around 7 lbs full grown.
 Look for Chanel babies in 2019