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         Our Males
These handsome lil fellas are not for sale, they are our breeding males and are a part of our family. 
Please see our "Nursery" for available puppies:-)
I'm Sorry but we do NOT offer stud services on our males for the safety of them and of our own breeding females. 
ALL THAT ~ "JAZZ" is simply "STUNNING"!! 
With his gorgeous flat MUNCHIKIN face, extremely HIGH set nose, BIG beautiful eyes and OUTSTANDING coat, Jazz is to die for!! He is an EXQUISITE cream boy out of Harmony and Sammy of Shih Tzu Station! Jazz has the sweetest look in his eyes.. which matches his amazingly darling temperament!! Jazz carries for red, white, cream, black, gold and liver.
 He has it "ALL" and comes from some of the most beautiful quality lines from Shangsu, Sweet Tooth, Sweet and Sassy and Jofin!!!
 He is co~owned with my good friend Tammy Dekel at Shih Tzu Station:-))
5.5 lbs.
Jazz will be retired soon to a pampered pet home! 
If interested, please give me a call. 323-251-1557
Meet our ITTY BITTY "Wizard"!!
He carries Dobie, Red, White, liver, black and parti colors!!!
His mom is a 7 lbs solid red and his dad is a TINY 4.5 Gold/White boy!
 He helps to produce our Itty Bitty babies!! :-))
Thank you Mary Lou!!
5.5 lbs.
Mr. Cola is a STUNNING lil' guy!  He is super short to the ground, gorgeous face and has the sweetest temperament in the world!!! He is from Sweet Tooth Shih Tzu! He comes with an OUTSTANDING pedigree and will help produce beautiful babies with our GORGEOUS girls!!! 
He is a TINY lil' guy and is tracking 5 lbs full grown. 
We're very excited and thankful to have him. Thank you so much Holly:-))
Sumora's Brightest Son ~ "Sachi"
This little solid white angel is a Sensational boy out of Crystal and Skye and will be taking his fathers place! 
He has a GORGEOUS, flat face and compact body with very short legs, nice dark pigment and a beautiful bright white coat. 
He is tracking 6 lbs full grown. 
Look for Sachi's babies in 2018!!
The boys below are our upcoming males, next generation, future studs!:-))
 They are not for sale and sorry, we do not offer stud service!
Sumora's lil' Red "Robin" Hood
This little solid red/gold boy is out of Rain and Wizard and will be taking his fathers place! 
Robin is a sweet little angel with the sweetest temperament and a tiny little compact body with nice big eyes and a beautiful face. He carries every color under the rainbow! His mom is 7 lbs and his dad is 5.5 lbs.
He is tracking 6 lbs full grown. 
Look for Robin's babies in 2018!!
Sumora's Wonderful lil' "Wonder"!!
This little solid Cream/white baby boy will be joining our family soon!  
Thank you  Sandy Mckee:-))
We can't wait to meet this little Itty Bitty prince!
He is tracking 4 lbs lbs full grown. 
Look for Wonder's babies in 2018!!