I reserve the right to first pick of all my litters before all other requests are considered.
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Phone #  323-251-1557
Pricing shown, is with limited registration. As puppy matures pricing may change to reflect color and size; at the breeders discreation. Once a buyer has placed a deposit on a puppy, Price will not change. Full registration is offered at an additional fee and offerred on a case by case basis at our discreation. Breeder reserves the right to pick of the litter. 
If interested in one of my babies, please feel free to call me at 323-251-1557
    E-mail me at SVindel01@twc.com 
Please see our "Planned Litters" page for our upcomming litters in 2016!
Welcome to Our Nursery 
Phone #  323-251-1557 
 We are in Los Angeles, California
Crystal and Skye had 5 precious little ones!!! 
3 girls and 2 boys:-)  Born on April 17, 2017
These babies will be ready for their new homes late June. 
$1,000 deposit is required to reserve the baby of your choice!
Pet homes only!!

Chava is a solid White/Cream boy that is an identical twin to his brother, Charo! He has a nice round head and gorgeous little face with short legs and a very compact body with the sweetest personality!! 

Estimated weight...around 6 -7 lbs full grown
Available~ $2,500 
Cherry is a Solid red female with gorgeous color!!!
This little girl has a beautiful face with pretty eyes, a perfectly round head and will be a stunning baby girl!! 
I'm sure she will have her mamma's sweet temperament too:-))
Estimated weight...5.5 - 6 lbs full grown
On Hold Pending Deposit
Chyna is a BEAUTIFUL Solid White/Cream female !!!
This little girl has a GORGEOUS face with pretty eyes, a perfectly round head and will be someone's TINY little princess. I was keeping her for myself but She is tracking to be too small for breeding.

Chyna is tracking ..4lbs 11 oz full grown
Available ~ $4,000 to pampered pet home!
Porsha and Skye welcomed their new babies into the world on 5/16/17! They are  Simply Precious!! 
They'll be ready for their new homes on or around 7/18/17.
Pet homes only!
Porche is a STUNNING baby boy! He is a red/gold sweetheart and will be a twin to his BEAUTIFUL mother!!
On Hold ~ $2,500
Princeton is a GORGEOUS boy with a beautiful face and will be a golden champagne color!!  
He is a solid icy cream sweetheart:-))
Available ~ $2,500
Pearla is a BEAUTIFUL girl with a GORGEOUS flat and smooshie face! She is a solid red BEAUTY and will be a twin to her GORGEOUS mother, Porsha!!
Sold ~ Congrtulations Colleen:-))