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The puppies on this page are sold (Deposit is received) and waiting to go to their new homes! I will continue to update photos for the new families and for your enjoyment:-))
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Puppy Feeding...

Please monitor your puppy very closely the first few days to make sure they are eating and drinking properly. Please have food and water available to your puppy 24/7 up to a year old and beyond if desired.

If your puppy stops eating or is just nibbling, you need to be prepared to prevent hypoglycemia. 

Having some baby food on hand(Gerber strained meat, chicken, veal or lamb), is something most all puppies will eat. If they won't eat the baby food, we suggest you get some Nutri-Cal (which can be purchased at your local pet stores or at your vet's office) this is very helpful. 

Feed your puppy quality food made for puppies and not adult dog food. Puppy food is made to keep your puppy happy and healthy. It will also keep your puppy looking good, maintaining the health of their coat and teeth. 

We also suggest you don't change your puppy food or eating habits started by your breeder, during these first few weeks. Any changes made should be done over a gradual amount of time to prevent diarrhea and an upset digestive system. I can give you directions as to how this process needs to be done. 

Last but not least... We don't recommend that Shih Tzu puppies be fed table scraps, this can make them finicky eaters. It can also lead to food allergies and they won't get the proper nutrition they need to grow and continue to be happy, healthy puppies and dogs. 
A BEAUTIFUL solid gold girl out of Porsha and Cola!!
Estimated weight ~ TBD
~ Spoken for! ~ Congratulations Eva and family:-)
Carson is a STUNNING solid black boy who will look just like his daddy, Cola! He already has a very jet black, silky coat and a gorgeous face!! 
Estimated weight ~ Tbd

~ Sold ~ Congratulations Rachel and family!!! 
Meet Joonie!
 She was born on 1/18/18 and is an Absolutely beautiful solid black baby girl!! 
Her mother is 7 lbs and her father is 5 lbs. Both parents have the sweetest temperaments so I'm sure this little cutie with be a sweetheart!!

~ Sold ~ Congratulations Anne and Family!!
Little Joonie, N.K.A. Sophie will be joining her new family in Reno Nevada
Cairo is going to be an Itty Bitty blonde Princess!
 She is the smallest in the litter and her color is a little more creamier than her sisters, she has a beautiful face and I'm pretty sure she'll have her parents sweet temperaments too:-)) She's already  full of personality! 
Estimated weight ~ 4 - 5 lbs

Sold to Nancy and Family! Their 2nd Sumora baby:-))
Cora is a teeny tiny PRINCESS!! She is the second smallest in the litter and will grow up to be a beauty just like her mommy, Celeste!! She was solid white at birth but will change to a blonde/cream and white!
Estimated weight ~ 5 - 6 lbs

Sold! Congratulations Gary and Julie!! 
A Gorgeous Solid black boy! He already has the most sweetest face!! 
He will be STUNNING like his daddy!! 
Estimated weight ~ TBD

~ Sold ~ Congrats to Joady, on your Precious baby boy!! 
Cesar is a TINY and GORGEOUS solid chocolate boy!! 
He will be a STUNNER like his daddy!!
Estimated weight ~ 7 - 8 lbs