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The puppies on this page are sold (Deposit is received) and waiting to go to their new homes! I will continue to update photos for the new families and for your enjoyment:-))
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Puppy Feeding...

Please monitor your puppy very closely the first few days to make sure they are eating and drinking properly. Please have food and water available to your puppy 24/7 up to a year old and beyond if desired.

If your puppy stops eating or is just nibbling, you need to be prepared to prevent hypoglycemia. 

Feed your puppy quality food made for puppies and not adult dog food. Puppy food is made to keep your puppy happy and healthy. It will also keep your puppy looking good, maintaining the health of their coat and teeth. 

We also suggest you don't change your puppy food or eating habits started by your breeder, during these first few weeks. Any changes made should be done over a gradual amount of time to prevent diarrhea and an upset digestive system. I can give you directions as to how this process needs to be done. 

Last but not least... We don't recommend that Shih Tzu puppies be fed table scraps, this can make them finicky eaters. It can also lead to food allergies and they won't get the proper nutrition they need to grow and continue to be happy, healthy puppies and dogs. 

                     Good Luck and Congratulations on your new baby!!:-)))
Beautiful "Belle" is a gorgeous solid black/silver female, 
Estimated weight ~ to be determined...
Sold to Sandy! 
Congrats on your new gorgeous girl!! 
Ellie is a Stunning solid  cream with white markings girl!
 She has a GORGEOUS face and will be a Beauty!! 
 Gorgeous coat, eyes and confirmation on this sweet girl too!
Spoken for! Congratulations Anita!!!
Ozy is a darling little cream and white boy! 
He is the bigger of the 2 boys and will be a beauty when he grows up:-)) 
Spoken for! Congratulations Steve:-))
Emmie is a Gorgeous little cream and white girl!!
 She reminds me of her daddy:-))
She has beautiful dark pigment and a perfect little head. 
 Gorgeous coat, eyes and confirmation on this sweet girl!
Spoken for! Congratulations LaRhonda!!! 
Ollie is a Handsome little cream/red and white boy! 
He has more white than his brother 
 Gorgeous coat, eyes and confirmation on this sweet boy!
Spoken for! Congratulations Pam!!!